Blog Post #24

  • Al-Farabi, Joseph Wanjui. “Biodiversity Conservation Needs and Method to Conserve the Biological Diversity.” J Biodivers Endanger Species Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species 01.03 (2013): n. pag. 24 Oct. 2013. Web. 20 July 2015.

In this article the authors talks about the benefits of biodiversity conservation and also he gives two types of biodiversity conservation, In-situ and Ex-situ.

  • “You Can Help save Biodiversity.” WWF –. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 July 2015.

In this website WWF offers different possibilities on how we can help to preserve biodiversity.

  • Munang, Richard, Mike Rivintong, Jian Liu, Ibrahim Thiaw, and Tim Kasten. “Integrated Solutions for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Poverty.” (n.d.): n. pag. United Nations Environment Programme. Web. 20 July 2015.

The authors present different solutions to the changes in biodiversity and how this changes can be used in a favorable way to help the biodiversity.

  • Poiani, Karen A., Rebecca L. Goldman, Jennifer Hobson, Jonathan M. Hoekstra, and Kara S. Nelson. “Redesigning Biodiversity Conservation Projects for Climate Change: Examples from the Field.” Springer Netherlands, 08 Dec. 2010. Web. 20 July 2015.

In this article the authors talk about different methods that they have tried in the field as a solutions for the biodiversity problem that we are currently suffering.


Response 3


I know my solution can sound like if I want to create a new Zoo but more sophisticated, but the marine ecosystem is one that is being more affected for Climate Change due to the rise in the water temperature that means that at some point we won’t be able to eat some species of fish because they will be dead or because we won’t be able to fish them because they are moving North or going deep to find the optimal conditions to live. In my opinion it would be better to invert the money in create the environment to protect the fishes and have aliment to feed the human population than lost all of them and have to get rid of fish in our diets.

I know extinctions have occurred all over the past but is also true that in this case we are also contributing to it, the extinction in the past were only caused by natural reason but the one that could happened in some years in going to be increase by us. So because we have the resources may be we can protect those species, if they are in a place where the conditions are optimal to live they are not going to get extinct because they were able to reproduce. I am not talking of about bringing species from one environment to other because as you said in your example that could have negative consequences, although one of the solutions that scientist are proposing is to move the species that are in risk to a different place and one of the risk is that the endemic species could be affected by the new species. But that is not what I am suggesting I am suggesting to keep each specie in their own create environment and only combine those that are adjust to live together already.

The last problem that you talked about is the money, well I said in my solution that this will be a place that could be maintenance with the money from the visitors as a Zoo. If we keep species that are not visible outdoors in this “Zoo” people will come and visit, also if there is species that are use as aliment for humans the many obtained for selling those species can be used to support the “Zoo”.

Response 2

To Josh,

I think you are presenting an interesting solution for your problem with the plastic bottles, but I don’t think is the best one. If you think about it there is already other types of bottle water that can be used multiple times. You are proposing to create a research on polymer structures, but the thing here is that a polymer is a kind of plastic and in some cases they are difficult to recycle the other big problem that I see in your solution are the founds.

People are starting to use more and more bottles that are reusables so they don’t have to buy the small plastic bottles that can only be used one time. This is also helping people to save money, you have your own bottle that you can refill almost in every place where you go and you don’t have to spend money in plastic bottles that are dangerous for the environment. There is also projects creating to support the use of reusable bottle water to make people decrease the use of plastic water bottles.

For what I know a polymer is a type of plastic and sometimes they are hard to recycle, so what are you proposing is to create other kind of plastic that will take two researches. They will have to research on how to create a bottle with polymer but also they will have to research how to create something that is easy to recycle but at the same time has to be something durable. Besides the prices of release for the bottle will be higher that the price that a regular water bottle because the companies will want the money back for their researches.

The money is the biggest problem in my opinion why companies that are wealthy selling the plastic bottles will want to research in something that is not sure will be success. For the companies this will be a lost of money and you can not force them to make the researches to produce the polymers. Once the companies are not giving the money the only ones left with money are the governments and lest be honest right now none of the governments will support this kind of researches.There is other problems that require that money and there is a lot of countries in economic crisis that don’t have the money to create the researches.

Blog Post #23

The problem identified in my infographic is How Climate Change affects biodiversity?, this is a important problem with a difficult solution since there are several variables that can be applied depending on which environment we are talking about and what species we are looking at.

A good solution for this problem will be to recreate the environment conditions for those species that are in risk to extinct if the changes in their ecosystems keep increasing. To recreate the environments we will need to construct buildings where we can recreate those conditions, we will need to realize investigations now that the environment haven’t change that much to see how the species live and interact with the media so we can recreate the exact same conditions.

The project will have to be finance for private organizations and also by governments that can use them as a place for people to visit species that can not be seeing outside, this will help the installations to support themselves. We will also need to study which species will be able to survive and which ones will extinguish, to know which species will be able to adapt and survive we will study the phenotype that indicate their capacity to adapt, “The environmental controls and absolute limits of phenotypic plasticity, and the environmental dependence of optimum phenotypes must be determined empirically for a range of species to predict in situ ecological and evolutionary responses to environmental change” (Dawson, Jackson, House, Prentice, Mace). Once we have finished our researches in the species we will be able to save those in risk and conserve all our biodiversity.


Blog Post #22

Write a good thesis to explain the problem.

Support the problem with the sources.

Find a effective solution to the problem.

Support the solution with the sources.

Follow MLA format.

In this assignment I will need to use all the knowledge that I have adquiere from my topic while I was doing all the previous assignment. I will have to explain the problem and who is affected, then find a solution and explain how to apply it and why this solution is the best. I will need to support my paper using the sources that I have research and do it in a MLA format.

I usually have problems with the analysis, persuasiveness and justification.

Blog Post #21

The Journal “How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity?” published by Science present scientific information about biodiversity affects by Climate Change, since in the journal the author is using some words and data that will be difficult to understand for people that doesn’t have previous knowledge in the topic the discourse community will be people that study sciences. They authors of this journals are scientists that work in the biology are so they have an wide background and knowledge on what they are writing about, this will help them to provide knowledge to their readers, also there is a citation part at the end of the journal and also there is in text citations that will help the readers to believe in what the authors are saying, because they are supporting their words with data and factors for others.

The journal “Climate Change, Keystone Predation, and Biodiversity Loss” was published by Science and it present scientific information that addressed the scientific community so the discourse community will be scientists that are interesting in the topic. The authors or this journal are also academic representatives so that will make the readers believe in them, also they are supporting their words in the text with evidences from research and from other peoples work with the adequate in text citations and works cited/ reference list at the end of the journal.  The target audience of this text is scientists that are interesting in the topic but also people that are interested in the topic and are able to understand the scientific vocabulary present in this text.

The book “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Americas: Impacts and Adaptations.” was published by Smithsonian Institution Scholarly, there is a big quantity of data and scientific information in this book, that makes the target audience of this book to be scientists, sciences students of people that is interested in the topic and is able to understand the data and the scientific vocabulary present in the book. The book is presenting evidences to support their information based on research that the author did and also it has a works cited page from where the readers can obtain more information and see where some information came from. The author is creating knowledge by sharing the information that he has obtain from his researches.

The book “The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity in the United States” published by New York: Nova Science, present scientific information making its target audience those that are interesting in the topic or the scientific community or it could be also used by sciences students. The author is creating knowledge by using their researches in other people works and in his own projects, that helps the people to adquiere that knowledge. The book presents evidences of research and also from others people sources with in text citations and a works cited page.

Blog Post #19

There are different ways to incorporate sources into a text, one of them is using author´s last name and the page number, we situate this information in parenthesis after the material that belongs to that author. This will be like this: “Poe’s fascination with stories of crime, sometimes gleaned from contemporary newspaper accounts” (Cleman 623)

The other way to do incorporate the sources is placing the author’s name at the beginning of the information that he or she has provided. This is how we will use this kind, as Cleman said, Poe’s fascination with stories of crime, sometimes gleaned from contemporary newspaper accounts

Summary is a short explanation about a text or movie.

Paraphrase is put in your own words what someone else has said.

Quotation is part of a text from other author that we include in our paper and needs to be cited.

All these are different to each other, we can obtain them from other sources but we will always have to cite them. A summary will serve when we want to use all the information in the text and not just a specific sentence o part. When we are using paraphrase we are changing other people words and putting it in our way so is different from summarize since you don’t want to paraphrase a whole text. When we are using quote instead of summary we are using other author’s words.

Plagiarism is to use of other people work without mention them in the right way in our work.

An example of plagiarism will be when we copy in our work an author words including it as if it is our work. To correct this we will have to use citation, and make a quotation with the words that we have copy.

5 MLA convections:

Alphabetical order.

The author’s last name has to go first in a text citation.

In the works cited page we have to index all the lines except the first in the citations.

The name of the publication line goes in italics.

Depending on the type of publication the citation differs.