Blog Post #31

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From this class I will take:

How to do a research.

How to analyze the sources for the research.

Different ways of writing, multimodal remix, infographic.

Different types of genre in writing.

My writing skill have improve from writing almost everyday.

2. I liked the multimodal remix, I have never done an assignment like that and I think is was fun. I liked the part of creating a blog because is a different way of writing than the typical essay. I liked the freedom that we have to choose the topic so it makes more easier to write about something that you like. I also liked the part of learning about how to analyze the sources, I think it is really important for future researches.

I didn’t like that we have to create so many blogs per week, I don’t really like writing. The schedule for the class is really packed so if you work sometimes is was hard to finish everything on time. I didn’t like to read the class book, I enjoy more looking for the information online.

I think you did a really good job choosing the blog and the multimodal remix, because there are things that usually we won’t do for other classes.

I didn’t like the way the class is organize sometimes I didn’t know what I have to research and If I have to keep the information for past researches or not.

I think the most important think that I learned in this class is that there are different ways to share your information and reach the same audience using different ways. Also how to choose your sources wisely.

I probably will leave the assignment online, I have used my time to create and maybe in the future I would like to write more and improve the website. I didn’t have any responses. I have learned that is more challenging that what you can think, that you have to analyze your audience so you publish the right content in the medium. Also I have learn that there is a lot of mediums to share information.

I think the reflections will help me in other classes since I will try to achieve the goals of my essays thinking in a more critical way. I usually didn’t think about all the task that we have to think to write the reflections but now for future assignment I will be thinking what is my audience and how I should address them, what type of genre I should use, what are my goals and how I will achieve them. I think the reflections are really useful to analyze the process of creation from the different assignments and see what steps we should follow.


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