Blog Post #29

The terms rhetorical situation, composing and discourse community vary from the academic paper to the multimodal assignment. In the multimodal assignment we will be using different methods to reach the viewers, while creating the academic paper we only use text in the multimodal assignment we will be using images, sounds or a strong call for action.

Composing will be also different in this assignment since we won’t be writing that much, our projects can have text but it won’t be as much as in the academic paper. The discourse community will also vary a little bit since it will be online not everybody will have access to it but everybody that has a computer will be able to access the information.

The target audience for my multimodal text is everybody that has an interested in the topic that I will be discussing, it may require to have previous knowledge in the topic and may be some scientific knowledge but almost everybody will be able to understand. My target audience will exclude those that don’t have a computer and can`t reach the information. To reach my audience I will be using pictures and text, the material that I use will reach the audience feelings and logic so they will support my solution to the problem.

To move the information I will use the social media mostly, since it will be easy to make my friends or followers to share my url to their friends and followers. This will create a circulation of my text reaching more people.

I will employ exigence showing how bad the problem can get if what the scientist are predicting became true.

I will use the information in this article to give my viewers more information of what environments are suffering the most due to Climate Change. Since all the information will be online could be update when new information is arise so the text present in the multimodal assignment won’t be obsolete.


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