Blog Post #28

Exigence:  In rhetoric, an issue, problem, or situation that causes or prompts someone to write or speak.(

Rhetorical situation: The context of a rhetorical act, made up (at a minimum) of a rhetor, an issue (or exigence), and an audience (

Composing: Write or create (a work of art, especially music or poetry). Phrase (a letter or piece of writing) with great care and thought. Form (a whole) by ordering or arranging the parts, especially in an artistic way. (

Discourse community: used in composition studies and sociolinguistics for a group of people who share certain language-using practices (

Identifies a grouping of people who share common language norms, characteristics, patterns, or practices as a consequence of their ongoing communications and identification with each other. (

Audience: The assembled spectators or listeners at a public event such as a play, film, concert, or meeting. The people who watch or listen to a television or radio programme. The readership of a newspaper, magazine, or book. (

Multimodality: This term is used to describe the different modes of human communication (visual, verbal, gestural etc). Quality of a system to allow more than one communication modality to be used during human-computer interaction.(

Circulation:  The number of people that a newspaper or magazine is regularly sold to. The process in which something such as information, money, or goods passes from one person to another. (

The exigence of this article is the lost of biodiversity due to climate change. It have been different stories in the newspaper related to this topic and mostly with the pole ice melting problem.

The audience of this blog is everybody that is interested on this topic since it is online and everybody with a computer have access to it. The rhetorical situation persuades the readers about the problem and push them to act.

The blog is a composition because has a text that have been create for the author and also has been arrange in a certain order to create the desired effect on the readers. It differ from an academic paper in the citations that are made by hyperlinks to the articles or websites while in the academic paper you have to use in text citations. Other thing that is different is the style usually in academic paper the follow MLA or oder style but in internet they don’t have to follow those rules. In both case authors use a formal writing to talk about their topics.

The discourse community will be people with a previous knowledge in the topic or that are new, in the first case they will try to learn more about the topic. In the second case is people that have discovered the topic recently and are trying to learn more about it.


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