Blog Post #27

I think I will be using a website, Facebook page or an online magazine.

I think the three of them will have the same target audience and the only variation will be in the case of the Facebook page where only those people that are interesting in the topic but have a Facebook account will be able to look at the information provided in detail.

Pros of the website: is easy to access, have a lot of information, you can update the information everyday, easy to navigate, is free. Cons: you have to have a computer, there is a price to maintain the website.

Pros of Facebook: you can publish almost everything, there is a major redistribution, is free.

Cons: not everybody has access, there is a limit of space for information.

Magazin, pros: a strong design, contain trusty information, writer usually are scientists.

Cons: information can’t be updated, you have to pay to read it.

The target audience of multimodal text is everybody that have access to the information and is interested in the topic that has been discussed in the multimodal text. The author use images, text and hyperlinks to provide the readers with enough information. The goal is to provide information about certain topic to the readers and I think in this case is being achieved.

I think I would use the website because is a big space that would give me the chance to put all the information necessary to show my audience what is the problem but also I can provide them with possible solutions.

I probably wouldn’t use the magazine, there is to many information to provide, in Facebook or in a website you can move a round and go to different pages just with one click but in the magazine I will have to order and provide al the information in the same place.

I would use Facebook, it easy to write a post and share it with your friends and also is an easy way do diffuse the information since your friends can also share your Facebook page with their friends.


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