Blog Post #26

From the four terms proposed I have defined discourse community, audience and rhetorical situation. We defined those two terms in previous assignments and I think the use and meaning are the same that they have in past assignments, since the audience of our Solution proposal can vary but the meaning of the terms will reaming the same. With discourse community is the same we can address different target audience and the discourse community can vary but the meaning of the term is the same. Rhetorical situation we maybe didn’t define the term but we took a look on what a rhetorical situation could be, we use rhetoric to persuade our readers and make them support our ideas in past assignments, and I don’t think this term has change from past assignments to this one.

The new term:

Composing is to write o create something also it could be write or phrase something with care and thought ( In the case of composing that has different meanings we will use the ones that I have pointed out. For this class we are writing new things almost everyday to finally complete our final assignment with the solution proposal, while we are creating this assignments we are taking care of the organization to arrange all the parts with care.


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