Response 2

To Josh,

I think you are presenting an interesting solution for your problem with the plastic bottles, but I don’t think is the best one. If you think about it there is already other types of bottle water that can be used multiple times. You are proposing to create a research on polymer structures, but the thing here is that a polymer is a kind of plastic and in some cases they are difficult to recycle the other big problem that I see in your solution are the founds.

People are starting to use more and more bottles that are reusables so they don’t have to buy the small plastic bottles that can only be used one time. This is also helping people to save money, you have your own bottle that you can refill almost in every place where you go and you don’t have to spend money in plastic bottles that are dangerous for the environment. There is also projects creating to support the use of reusable bottle water to make people decrease the use of plastic water bottles.

For what I know a polymer is a type of plastic and sometimes they are hard to recycle, so what are you proposing is to create other kind of plastic that will take two researches. They will have to research on how to create a bottle with polymer but also they will have to research how to create something that is easy to recycle but at the same time has to be something durable. Besides the prices of release for the bottle will be higher that the price that a regular water bottle because the companies will want the money back for their researches.

The money is the biggest problem in my opinion why companies that are wealthy selling the plastic bottles will want to research in something that is not sure will be success. For the companies this will be a lost of money and you can not force them to make the researches to produce the polymers. Once the companies are not giving the money the only ones left with money are the governments and lest be honest right now none of the governments will support this kind of researches.There is other problems that require that money and there is a lot of countries in economic crisis that don’t have the money to create the researches.


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