Blog Post #23

The problem identified in my infographic is How Climate Change affects biodiversity?, this is a important problem with a difficult solution since there are several variables that can be applied depending on which environment we are talking about and what species we are looking at.

A good solution for this problem will be to recreate the environment conditions for those species that are in risk to extinct if the changes in their ecosystems keep increasing. To recreate the environments we will need to construct buildings where we can recreate those conditions, we will need to realize investigations now that the environment haven’t change that much to see how the species live and interact with the media so we can recreate the exact same conditions.

The project will have to be finance for private organizations and also by governments that can use them as a place for people to visit species that can not be seeing outside, this will help the installations to support themselves. We will also need to study which species will be able to survive and which ones will extinguish, to know which species will be able to adapt and survive we will study the phenotype that indicate their capacity to adapt, “The environmental controls and absolute limits of phenotypic plasticity, and the environmental dependence of optimum phenotypes must be determined empirically for a range of species to predict in situ ecological and evolutionary responses to environmental change” (Dawson, Jackson, House, Prentice, Mace). Once we have finished our researches in the species we will be able to save those in risk and conserve all our biodiversity.



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