Blog Post #19

There are different ways to incorporate sources into a text, one of them is using author´s last name and the page number, we situate this information in parenthesis after the material that belongs to that author. This will be like this: “Poe’s fascination with stories of crime, sometimes gleaned from contemporary newspaper accounts” (Cleman 623)

The other way to do incorporate the sources is placing the author’s name at the beginning of the information that he or she has provided. This is how we will use this kind, as Cleman said, Poe’s fascination with stories of crime, sometimes gleaned from contemporary newspaper accounts

Summary is a short explanation about a text or movie.

Paraphrase is put in your own words what someone else has said.

Quotation is part of a text from other author that we include in our paper and needs to be cited.

All these are different to each other, we can obtain them from other sources but we will always have to cite them. A summary will serve when we want to use all the information in the text and not just a specific sentence o part. When we are using paraphrase we are changing other people words and putting it in our way so is different from summarize since you don’t want to paraphrase a whole text. When we are using quote instead of summary we are using other author’s words.

Plagiarism is to use of other people work without mention them in the right way in our work.

An example of plagiarism will be when we copy in our work an author words including it as if it is our work. To correct this we will have to use citation, and make a quotation with the words that we have copy.

5 MLA convections:

Alphabetical order.

The author’s last name has to go first in a text citation.

In the works cited page we have to index all the lines except the first in the citations.

The name of the publication line goes in italics.

Depending on the type of publication the citation differs.


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