Blog Post #17

To fulfill this the literature review assignment I will have to find good sources that will support my paper. In this case I don’t need to focus in “what” but in “who”, having good sources with different or common points of view will give to my paper more strength. I need to find those authors that have strong knowledge in the topic and ideas on how to help to solve the problem.

To get an “A” in the assignment I need to:

  • Explain the topic and the problem it presents.
  • Show information from past and present sources.
  • Have a least 4 different sources: 1 non-scholarly, a book and 2 peer review journals.
  • Present different points of views from different authors and express which one I support.

To write the Literature Review we have to use a professional writing, since what we are trying to combine a summary and synthesis of our research sources. We are trying to convince our readers that we have choose the better sources for our topic that we have found, if write our Literature Review paper with a informal tone they are not going to believe us. We are trying to proof that we know what we are talking about and we have read and analyze our sources before we start writing the research paper.

For convention are introduction, review of the sources, conclusions and work cited.


One thought on “Blog Post #17”

  1. I’m not sure that you have really explained the Literature Review as something different from other kinds of papers you’ve written. To really understand the Literature Review as a separate kind of thing from other kinds of things, try reading Blog Post #17 of either Bader Alsader or Luke Hyde. (Find their blogs by clicking on the Blackboard Home page and finding their names in the folder labeled Student Blogs. They may be private so just request permission.)


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