Blog Post #14

Untitled Infographic

My indeed audience is everybody that is interesting on the topic and want to learn more about it. This topic is seeing from a different perspective that we usually see the Climate Change. Besides that I have use the picture of the Polar Bear I think people should learn more about the other species that are in danger. I tried to use relevant information to support my topic and help the audience to believe. Also I tried to touch the readers emotion with the picture of the bear and using the the other three species that are in danger.

Three things will be If the infographic is lack of information?

If it needs more pictures?

The colors and organization is good?


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #14”

  1. I like the fact that you are doing climate change because I am doing mine on greenhouse gas emissions which is almost the same topic. I like how you included the polar bear as a species that is being affected because of the polar ice sheets melting. I think maybe a couple more pictures showing what the climate change is doing to the world or other areas. The color and organization is good. I like how you talked briefly about climate change in the begining. Overall I think you could had a little more detailed information but it is a rough draft so I think you do good on this infographic!


  2. The biggest thing missing from this Infographic is a call-to-action. What can your viewers DO after reading your Infographic? One way to do this is to hyperlink to already existing website which can tell them what they can DO to help save species from damage to their habitats.

    I think the colors and organization are good. Sometimes, the font is hard to read because it doesn’t contrast enough with the background. Try making fonts lighter colors, white will work especially well in that background.


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