Blog Post #11

The what of my topic is: How biodiversity is affected by climate change? I feel confident that I can show that the Climate Change is causing more problems that only the ice melting in the Poles. People usually only focus in discuss the second topic and they don’t think that even the Poles melting can cause other problems beside the rise of the water level or the destruction of the polar bears habitat.

Possible titles:

  • How climate change affects biodiversity?
  • Secondary effects of climate change?

Main ideas:

  • There are other secondary effects from climate change others that ice melting.
  • Scientist are worried about how the Climate Change is affecting the distribution of some species.
  • There is scientist trying to predict how Climate Change will affect the species distribution using different models.

I want my audience to think about the secondary effects that Climate Change has in biodiversity. My goal is to make them think beyond the Poles melt and the destruction of the Polar bear ecosystem. When I am done with my project I want my audience to be more interested in other problems related to Climate Change.


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