Blog Post #9

infographic 3

The things that are done well in this infographic are: 1) The colors catch the viewer attention which will make the viewer come closer to read the infographic. 2) They are relating the color with the brands logo giving information to the people that they may not know. 3) All the brands that appear in the infographic are really important so everybody will know them. 4) The use of white in the back make the colors stand out. 5) The megaphone call for the audience as an important notification.

The things that are bad done: 1) There is to many brands logo for each color so they look small and is difficult to see all of them without coming closer to the image. 2) For it is not clear why they are relating each infographic to each color since there is not an explanation and the brands may want to transmit other feelings to their customers. 3) There is some brands logos outside the rainbow without explanation. 5) The title of the infographic is not really powerful with only one word emphasized.

infographic 2

In this infographic about infographic the things that are well done: 1) There is a lot of information and data related to infographic. 2) The numbers in the infographic appear in a bigger and in red size so is the second thing that catch the viewer attention. 3) The eye in the middle cause a first impact in the viewer that is what you will look forward with the infographic. 4) The information in the infographic is short but leave a clear message in the viewer. 5) The color invite the viewer to read the infographic.

The things that are done bad: 1) There is to much information in a really small space. 2) The information that appear inside the eye is to small compare with the rest of the image. 3) Some part of the text that appear int he infographic is really small and hard to read. 4) There is not a clear description of what infographic is. 5) The citation of where the information come from is to small.

ifographic 1

Things that they are done well: 1) There is a lot of highlight numbers that capture the viewer attention. 2) The information is well organized in different parts and different ways. 3) The name of the infographic catch the viewer attention. 4) The way the infographic is design catch the viewer attention. 5) The sources appear in a legible size.

Things that are done bad in this infographic: 1) There is to much information en a small space. 2) The words inside the glasses is difficult to read. 3) The grey letters are difficult to read due to the color of the back in the infographic. 4) They information is only for Australia but in some parts they are generalizing. 5) I don’t think they square with the technology match the changes in the actual technology.


One thought on “Blog Post #9”

  1. Good job analyzing 3 sample Infographics! Now, looking at both things you said were done well and things you said were done poorly (or could have been improved), imagine 5 rules to live by when it comes time to create a good Infographic of your own.

    Or, if you had to teach someone how to create an effective infographic, what 5 things would you teach them about making effective infographics?


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