Blog Post #8

This article is writing for a general audience since everybody that is interested in the topic and has access to internet can read it. The article is kind of long and contain different information about the topic How climate change affects biodiversity?. Climate change is a broad topic but how it affect biodiversity is a specific topic, so only those that are interesting in the topic with read the article. The audience that have interest in the topic probably has some previous knowledge about it or at least about Climate Change and they are trying to expand their knowledge with more information. The language use in the article is formal since the author is transmitting important information to the readers. Because the text is kind of long the audience should be those that are really interesting in the topic and have enough time to read the whole text and acquire the new knowledge.


One thought on “Blog Post #8”

  1. You’ve done an excellent analysis of the audience of this article. However, I don’t know that you have thoroughly engaged with the textbook reading. How would you, as a writer, identify your audience? What kinds of questions would you ask yourself to figure out how to tailor your rhetoric (your persuasive writing) to that audience you want to reach?


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