Blog Post #7

Dallmeier, Francisco. Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Americas: Impacts and Adaptations. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly, 2010. Print.

There is a complete chapter in this book with information about the impacts that Climate extremes has on biodiversity in the Americas, there are some tables tables that explain what problems are attached to each climate.

Araujo, M. B., and C. Rahbek. “How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity?” Science 313.5792 (2006): 1396-397. Web. 20 June 2015.

Explanation on how to predict the problems in biodiversity and what models are used by the experts.

Harley, C. D. G. “Climate Change, Keystone Predation, and Biodiversity Loss.” Science 334.6059 (2011): 1124-127. Web. 20 June 2015.

Relationship between the specie that is being altere by climate change and the environment and how this can affect the community and the relationship with other species.

Backlund, Peter, Anthony C. Janetos, and David Steven. Schimel. The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity in the United States. New York: Nova Science, 2009. Print.

There is a chapter on this book that talks about biodiversity and how it is changing due to the Climate Change, but I didn’t have enough time yet to read more deeply and select the information that I am going to use.

Kathy J. Willis and Shonil A. Bhagwat “Biodiversity and Climate Change” Science 326.5954(2009): 806-807. Web. 22 June 2015

In this article the authors are making a different point of view, talking about how the models that the expert are creating to predict the biodiversity evolution have to be analyze carefully, because some results could be different depending on the variables that they apply.


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