Blog Post #5

An infographic is a visual way to represent a problem in our case, but you can represent different things to target the audience, using different pictures, fonts and colors you can reach different audiences. In my infographic I am going to target an audience from young people to adult people. My topic is about how Climatic Change affects biodiversity? I am going to do some research about which environments are suffering the most and in the infographic I am going to show to the audience how the biodiversity in those places is being affected. To show this I will probably use some pictures and a strong thesis to support o topic phrase that will catch the viewers attention.

Personal Writings is when you are expressing your feelings, personal actions or problems using one of the different kinds that this genre involve. Usually when you are doing personal writing you are writing to a friend or someone that knows you and is going to understand and support what you are expressing with that writing.

Professional writing is the type of writing that you will use at the workplace, it has a formal tone. In this kind of writing you are trying to reach different audience and it could be used to achieve a certain goal, like persuade, inform or instruct.

Both types of writing are using in different occasions and depending on what audience we want to reach and what is the propose of our writing, if we are trying to find a job we will use a professional writing style in our resume. But if what we want if you tell a friend something that have upset us today we will use a personal writing style, since this one is more informal that the professional writing.

Authors have to use a particular genre depending on the audience that they are targeting, they can not write in the same way to persuade teenagers that to persuade adults, from the beginning they don’t think in the same way and also they are interested in different things. If you want to persuade a teenagers may be you will success using an informal language while to persuade the adults you will success probably using a more professional tone.


One thought on “Blog Post #5”

  1. Your post is the best example of an analysis of differences between genres I’ve seen yet. You realized that the audience and the purpose worked together to influence the choice of genre the writer could use to achieve his/her goal(s). Good job.


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