Blog Post #4

I only had to research papers in college, one of them was for a science class and the other one was for an English class. In the first one the paper that we have to write was only to pages and there wasn’t a big research to do, we only needed to use two sources.The paper from the English class was longer and with more sources, I used the library website to find my online sources and the class book as another source. In this paper we have more freedom to choose the topic.

To write both papers I did my research online using Google in the case of the science paper where I found a online scholarly paper with all the information that I needed for my paper. For my literature research paper I used the library website to find different peer-review journals. To find my sources I used combination of different words from the paper that I wanted to write. In the case of the literature paper I tried searching by the name of the author and then by the name of the literature piece that I was analyzing. I knew the sources were legitimate because in both cases the name of the author was present and also they present a citation page as well, and I found some of them at the library website.  For both papers I used the MLA citation format.

The process of research can be easier now that I have learned some tips from the library website, I used to try to search the information using only the title of the topic, but now I have learn that besides the words of the topic I will be able to get more documents and books if I search using different words related to my topic. If I use words that can appear in the journals I will be able to obtain more information and also reduce searching time. There could be books with the words that we are omitting that can contain helpful information for our research papers. In the website there is also different options that will help you find the perfects sources for your topic. To create a good paper is better to use scholarly sources that are more boring to read that the appealing popular sources. Using scholarly sources you will be sure that you are obtaining all the information that you are going to need later in your paper, including the citations. Some times differentiate between this two types of sources can be hard if they look similar. But we also can use the help of a librarian to find the perfect source. The information that we can be found in three majors sources, books, scholarly papers and magazines or newspapers. If we are looking at a topic that is recent we probably are only going to find the information in newspapers or magazines. But if we wait some months we can be able to find some scholarly papers that people has created after months of research, and at the end we find the books, that are the combination from the other two and is where we can find wide information about one or more topics. There is a lot of resources available at the library website that have easy access and that will help me to success finding the best information for my research paper.


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