Blog post #2

From reading The Allyn and Bacon Guide I have learned that you can’t write a good paper without having a good thesis. The thesis contain the most important information that you are going to use later to create the paper. Also I have learned that rhetorics can be use to persuade people in different ways and depending on who we are addressing we will have to use different words to persuade them.
I was familiar with this information from the other english classes, but I sometimes forget to write a thesis in my essays so it has been good to read all this information again to write a good thesis in my papers from now on.


One thought on “Blog post #2”

  1. A thesis statement is a tricky thing. I have always felt that my thesis statement belonged in my conclusion paragraph. After all, it is really YOUR CONCLUSION to the things you’ve researched and discussed in your body paragraphs.

    The thesis belongs, however, in the Introduction; at least in Western cultures. The location of the thesis is culturally determined. In Western culture, it should function as BOTH your conclusion and as a road map. That’s why it should be placed in your introduction — its function in Western culture is to tell the reader what to expect before they read it. But other cultures arrange the thesis in different locations.

    Interestingly, as English (for better or for worse) becomes the dominant language of scholarship and science, the different ways of writing that other cultures bring to English will eventually cause native English-speaking Westerners to re-imagine the essay structure–or at least allow for multiple acceptable structures.

    In this class, I would encourage you to play with conventions as long as you can prove to me that your choices make sense. On the other hand, I’m supposed to be preparing you for college writing in the American college system. So when you write your essays (the Literature Review and the Proposal of Solution), I recommend that you adhere to the thesis convention of the West. You might have room to change how things are structured in the Remix, though.


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