Blog post #1

After finish this class, I want to be able to address different audiences in a professional way, have acquired the knowledge that would help me not only now but also in my professional life, have learned how evaluate all the information that is available for the reach paper topic. I want to be able to improve my skill in reviewing, and rewriting my own papers and improve my citations, in this way I will be able to avoid plagiarism.

I usually able to find a good hook up line or paragraph to catch the readers attention, I am also good finding tons of information for my research papers, and I am good comparing to ideas from different authors.

In the other hand I am bad finding topics to write about, it takes me usually a really long time to find one. I am bad analyzing the information that I found for the topics what makes me loose information in the writing process. Finally I am bad at reviewing my own papers with make me have sometimes a lot of mistakes.

I don’t really have a lot of experience writing, I have done one big project for one of my classes back home, and I have done more of my writing here in English for two classes. I have done two research papers, one scientific and other one in a literature topic.

Other experience that I have in writing is in social media, I currently have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I check them everyday but I usually don’t post unless I really have something to share.


One thought on “Blog post #1”

  1. Hopefully I can help you achieve your goals through the assignments I’ve designed in this class. For example, you can practice addressing different audiences by participating in our class Twitter using the hashtag: #uieng102Lopez. (This also earns you extra credit points). The major assignments are also designed to do this too.


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