Blog Post #3

How Climate Change affects biodiversity? Climate Change is a hot topic, a lot ofpeople talk about it and you can easily find information and comments about it indifferent places and media. However it is not something new, we can find records ofpast Climate Changes that took place long time ago. When we think about ClimateChange the first think people say is how the poles are melting, but what a lot of peopledon’t know is that this process is also affecting the biodiversity of the oceans forexample. There is different species that are only able to live in certain conditions,temperature, salinity, and because of the Climate Change those optimal conditions arechanging and the species have to migrate to different places to survive. That is the caseof some fishes that are adjusted to live in cold waters and now that the averagetemperature of the ocean is increasing they are migrating to seek those conditions.
There is other environment that have been affected by this Climate Change, and likeeverybody knows this is not a problem with a clear solution. The Change is in processand we can only try to slow it down. Climate Change is problem that affects everybody,because the temperatures on the earth are continuously changing and affecting somehowour daily routing and also because our diet could be modify if this changes inbiodiversity start to be bigger.

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